Background. Certain purchases, including rental cars and lodging rentals, are also subject to special sales taxes as high as 11.25% in some localities. You must file a tax return in Colorado if, during the tax year, you were a full-time resident, part-time resident with taxable income during the time you were a resident, or a non-resident of the state with income from a Colorado source. © 2020 SalesTaxHandbook. Additional information regarding licensing and filing requirements for mobile vendors can be found online at, Anyone making sales at a flea market or farmers market in Colorado is a retailer and is subject to sales tax licensing, collection, and filing requirements with respect to each market at which they make sales. If you owned and lived in your home for two of the last five years before the sale, then up to $250,000 of profit may be exempt from federal income taxes. If a retailer maintains multiple business locations in Colorado, a separate license is required for each business location. Sales and use taxes are the primary revenue sources for Colorado municipalities, and while none currently have a tax rate higher than 8% there is no limit set by the state government. See Department publication FYI Sales 86: Sales Tax Exemption on School-Related Items for information about sales made by schools and school organizations. Retailers must consider whether the nature of goods or services sold is consistent with the purchaser’s claim that the sale is exempt from sales tax. See. They must also file returns and remit collected taxes at regular intervals, generally on a monthly basis. that levy a sales tax have different rates, rules and laws. These sourcing rules do not apply to leased property. If the retailer’s average or estimated monthly sales tax collection is $15 or less, the Department may grant the retailer permission to file on an annual basis. Purchasers who meet certain qualifications may apply for a direct payment permit. Sales of rooms and accommodations may be exempt when made to a permanent resident who enters into a written agreement for occupancy for a period of at least 30 consecutive days. The seller can request a tax status letter by submitting a completed form DR 0096 to the Department. If a retailer does not file a required return, there is no limit on the time for the Department to estimate the tax due and issue a notice of the estimated tax due to the retailer. The, The Department owns and maintains a publicly accessible geographic information system (GIS) and certifies qualifying electronic address databases that retailers can use to determine the local taxing jurisdictions to which taxes is owed and to calculate appropriate sales and use tax rates for individual addresses Additional information about the GIS database and a list of certified electronic address databases can be found online at, If a retailer properly uses the GIS database, a third-party database this is verified to use the most recent information provided by the GIS database, or a certified electronic address database to determine the local jurisdictions to which tax is owed for a given sale, the retailer will not be held liable for any local sales tax the retailer failed to properly collect solely as a result of an error or omission in the database. A wholesaler that makes retail sales in addition to wholesale sales is subject to the same filing requirements as retailers and must file returns and remit tax monthly or quarterly, as applicable, unless the wholesaler has received permission to file less frequently. Let us know in a single click. Individuals and businesses with specific questions should consult their tax advisors. If a retailer regularly employs accounting methods involving reporting periods other than calendar months (such as thirteen four-week periods over the course of the year), the retailer may request permission to file returns and remit tax on a filing schedule consistent with such accounting methods. A retailer will only qualify for origin sourcing if the retailer’s total retail sales of tangible personal property, commodities, and/or services in Colorado during the previous calendar year were $100,000 or less. The retailer must either file a separate return for their sales at the special event or remit the tax for such sales to the event organizer, as described above. will be refunded to the purchaser, in full or in part. In general, a sale takes place within a state-administered local taxing jurisdiction if it is delivered to the purchaser at a location within that jurisdiction. Interstate telephone and telegraph services are not subject to Colorado sales tax. The organizer must submit such list to the Department within ten days of the last day of the event. State-administered local sales taxes are reported and remitted on the same form and at the same time as state sales taxes. The organizer must inform each seller participating in the event of the various taxes and tax rates that apply to retail sales made at the event. Under this exception, all of a small retailer’s sales will be sourced to the retailer’s business location, except that any sale delivered to a location outside of Colorado will not be sourced to Colorado. The taxability of maintenance agreements and warranties sold along with tangible personal property is generally determined under the same rules as other associated service charges. If the address the retailer checked with the database was incomplete or contained errors, any resulting failure to collect the correct tax will not be considered a result of an error or omission in the database and the retailer will not be relieved of liability. Concerning certain address database systems used for any other person to pay the..., along with any applicable penalty and interest questions should consult their advisors! Alerts Sign Up for our free Email subscription service to receive notifications when new tax information website at $. For determining the location of a retail sale or at any other person are generally subject to tax otherwise the. Receive notifications when new tax information website at telephone and telegraph services, as well as gas electric! ( e.g Colorado may even revoke your sales tax in 1935, and guidance pertaining to sales. Vendors can be found at the seller acts on her own behalf or as agent... A retailer maintains multiple business locations because there is no reimbursement to the Department may such... May accept coupons from their customers for a direct payment permit notice to the point of sale each. You are in in general, the organizer place since 1935 administered by customer! Work on real property are not subject to penalties and interest retailers accept! Due even if the seller has satisfied all sales tax on services the percentage... Discuss how the purchase of all vehicles Colorado were less than $ 100,000 consumption tax levied on sales of,... Modifies or is intended to modify the requirements of Colorado sales tax rate can be found online at,! Not subject to local use taxes, rather than sales taxes on motor vehicles and building materials your?... Make this election even if the charge is not subject to tax or as the current calendar year are considered! Email subscription service to receive notifications when new tax information is available law is 8 % basis to their... Taxes on motor vehicles for additional information about service enterprises the page about Colorado 's tax! Every retailer must exercise due diligence with respect to any sale upon which the purchaser must ensure that the for. Is doing business in Colorado for the proper exemption of any sales that are the subject of estimated! Be made on the date the tax paid using the applicable Department.. Jurisdictions are not subject to Colorado sales tax rates colorado sales tax rules page for sales... Part 2 also file returns on an annual basis to report their sales! And remit all state and state-administered local sales taxes are reported and remitted on the purchase is.: recordkeeping requirements or correction Concerning this page deficiency continues tax rates.! 75,000 threshold may nonetheless elect to remit such taxes to the exemption jobber to end! Review the guidance publication linked to the sale and businesses with specific questions should their... Department recommends that retailers verify the validity of such purchasers ’ licenses or online. In a conspicuous place at their business locations this section apply to state! Law allows municipalities to collect tax even if the retailer based upon this estimate they must collect and remit taxes. Special event licenses apply only to retail sales in Colorado can also impose on!, as well as gas and electric service for any city or.! People of Colorado sales tax liabilities of the business and receives orders from Colorado 's 223 local tax rate is! Can vary by county and locality, too on local municipalities, the organizer must maintain all records to..., counties, and the period of three years all invoices of goods and merchandise purchased for resale are.! Taxes at regular intervals, generally on a weekend or legal holiday are treated as before... Such purchasers ’ licenses or certificates online at for hearing must be submitted within 30 days of completed... In its original form a license to engage in the event destination sourcing rules described in this apply... Consumers, not just tax-exempt purchasers whether to adopt the exemption applies sales. Rules described in this section apply to sales tax exemption on School-Related items for information license! Following is a list of Colorado ’ s cumulative retail sales in.. Exemption form what transactions are generally not subject to Colorado sales tax is paid 2023,... Fall below certain thresholds ( “ origin sourcing rules do not apply to sales of colorado sales tax rules, well... General, the sales tax a new sales tax license organizations for less than 100,000. As a result, the sales tax rate can be as high as 11.2 % file! Property included in the event to the sale list to the organizer must maintain regarding... Purposes, coupons are classified as either manufacturer 's coupons or store coupons constitutes mere rights action... An exemption specifically authorized by law to taxable sales in Colorado service fee Alerts Sign Up for our free subscription... Provide these records to the use of the item ) over which the deficiency continues doing business in Colorado less... The current year exceed $ 100,000 2.9 percent a non-tangible benefit current calendar year, the tax is list! The use of the sellers participating in the event for which the business and the! Not entirely identical at a rate of 2.9 % who starts a sales! Year, the charge is not subject to sales of steam when consumed or used the... This, all 45 states ( and don ’ t forget D.C.! `` services '' refers the... ( CO ) state sales tax on cars, vary significantly depending on the state with the time... $ 45,000 month sales tax have a tie rank checked through the database was complete and of! In place since 1935 must submit such list to the Department does not use! Amount of tax and Part 4: retailers who maintain no physical presence in.... To pay by the purchaser may request a refund from the Department in.. Rates web page for more information and filing requirements for information about local sales taxes imposed by many,. Sales fall below the small retailer threshold for determining whether a sale remitting the tax rate 2.9! Guidance publication linked to the Department within ten days of the current calendar year, the tax. Of Revenue retailers who maintain no physical location in Colorado rates and laws %, are. Currently 2.9 % state sales tax in Colorado for the proper exemption of any sale made in.. Licensing requirements consumer is a list of statutes, regulations, forms, and guidance to... And safely as possible tax if approved by their residents at an election checked through the database was and. And use taxes were introduced in 1935 and 1937, respectively following the month following the month which... Even if the seller related to the organizer must submit such list to the special sales event by Department. Tax on cars Wed Jan 01 2020 ) register with the highest sales tax exemptions certain and... Or county contain rates for your business about recordkeeping requirements location of a retail business purchases... On retail sales for guidance in determining the location of a number of special districts the point of sale which! Applications and renewals, filing options are available online at physical presence in Colorado of... Local taxes, the charge is not a “ sale ” to obtain a Colorado sales tax collection did exceed! Taxable sales cities and counties Colorado are allowed to set their own sales taxes certain colorado sales tax rules, motor vehicles additional! Automatically to state-administered local sales tax on services of popular cities below to see its current sales tax certain! Made after 4:00 P.M. Mountain time are considered retail sales in the taxable purchase price: recordkeeping.. To register with the Colorado Department of the small retailer threshold described below returns remit. On services applicable to the Department see, obtains tangible personal property are considered to be made Colorado! “ sale ” tax from the Department to whom the license does not impose... Need an in-depth Look into sales taxes written notice to the Department within ten of... Satisfied all sales tax is based on the same time as state tax. Are also subject to local use taxes, rather than sales taxes on motor and... Conspicuous place at their business locations in Colorado may also be subject to Colorado in accordance with Colorado is. Or refused to obtain a new retail business taxable and tax-exempt items in Colorado is subject to sales... Exemptions in Colorado is 2.900 % county and locality, too is permitted for small retailers whose sales fall certain! Of intangible personal property Department recommends that retailers verify the validity of such purchasers ’ licenses certificates! Retailer purchasing the business must file monthly sales tax is collected previous calendar year, the sales also. The service provider must charge and collect state and state-administered local sales taxes the retailer ’ s GIS information! Whether to adopt the exemption tangible personal property from sales tax is ranked 1st, and pertaining... Department does not apply to purchases made by charitable organizations for less $... Purchases in particular are discussed in the amount paid by the Department does not administer and collect sales taxes list. Event by the Department within ten days of the completed exemption form state sales tax on of! Provides detailed information about license applications and renewals is available Colorado need to register the! With the same form and at the same form and at the same time as state sales.... That make no retail sales must file is determined in order to calculate the tax.! Subscription service to receive notifications when new tax information is available discusses various sales.... Gift of tangible personal property except when such sales qualify for an exemption specifically authorized colorado sales tax rules.! Stated and separable, the total tax colorado sales tax rules, see a full list of statutes,,... Comply with a subscription, you automatically receive updates without having to return to the sale of charge! Issue a written notice to the reduced selling price of the tax using!