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Built From Human Parts: Current Status & Contributors – 3/21/17

Current timeline for this ever growing project of mine (and now, many others):
– Final prose versions and final comic pages July-August.
– Completed book ready by October.

I will be getting four illustrators to provide drawings to sprinkle throughout the prose stories in a week or two. I’ve got a cover design in mind and will have some super horrible pencils from me in with some info on that at some point (Final cover artist not yet determined).

End of May or beginning of June will see me, a super talented tech guy, and a super talented voice actress recording a narration of one of the prose stories. If I can bumble my way through and turn it into something compelling to listen to then I will try to get around 3 finished audios before the book is done with the aim of eventually having 6 total to go along with the print anthology book. I’ve already had a couple others offer their assistance with this part, so I can have a few different voices for this if it comes to it.

Current Roster of talented artists (and me) include:

Steve Toase – Author of the first prose story to be narrated later. He gives us a story about the destined meeting of admirer and creator (sorta) under less-than-usual circumstances.

William Couper – With a tale about a journalist who is a little too good at his job.

Steve Radabaugh (w) and Calliope Den Ouden (a) – A comic about the horrible luck of being surrounded geographically by absolutely no one you can relate to and the stress of being without those long distant connections we make.

Paul Grimsley – Yeah, I don’t know how to describe this one. It is literally just an insane sci-fi-ish prose story.

K. Patrick Glover – A prose story about fleeing your past, what brings us back home, and how that same home can create different types of people.

Steve Ormosi (w) and Edwin Den Ouden (a) – A comic story about hilarious marketing board meetings, confusion over where skin starts and technology ends, and sheriffs.

S. Bloom (w) and TBD – I’m currently doing the actual page breakdown for this comic script about how each person handles their fears differently and what people perceive they need in their life in order to be strong enough to control them. Final artist not yet decided.

Cameron Callahan (w) and TBD – My comic will be spread throughout the book, in pieces between each story. It features a group of news anchors, a dog, and a watch sales man.

I have not named anyone that has not yet started their work. For example, I’ve got four people to provide illustrations for the prose stories already and I will include them as that starts and moves forward and likewise those TBDs largely mean things aren’t just set deep enough in stone to make me comfortable to mention anyone yet.

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Built From Human Parts: Current Contributors – 2/1/17

Casual list of those involved at this moment in time, with links for more information if available.

All information on them was unearthed by me from their grossly unused personal sites because I requested to be given some simple information on themselves and their stories in their own words but, well, you know how ~reliable~ these artists types are.

These are the ones that have pledged their creative loyalty to me and also provided substantial evidence of said loyalty. There are a few others that still have not provided me with proof of their loyalty.

The current plan is to get first drafts from everyone by the end of the month (These people have provided such or are working with one that has provided such). So in March I’ll see who else has been able to finish their draft and start tapping my local creative buddies to fill in where needed.

As of February 2nd 2017:

Calliope Den Ouden –
“My name is Calliope den Ouden. I visualize stories and concepts. I also draw portraits & graphic novels and pen Cartoons & flash-fiction. You may also know me as an information specialist, in addition to making art I volunteer my services at the library teaching kids (ages 8-88) how to use 3D-printers, laser-cutters and how to code their own website. ”

Steve Radabaugh –
Steve Radabaugh, first of his name, is a freelance app developer, technology consultant, and game designer. He founded SPQR Soft LLC in 2012 to explore the convergence of technology with tabletop gaming. In addition to developing apps and websites for the private and public sector, his app store releases include KudoGram, Fate Core Folio and Dungeon Marauders.  ”

Steve Ormosi –
“Steevo has written a bunch of things that have been met with mild to no interest, many of which can be found at his blog, Intimate Knowledge. He is trying to learn how to do everything in the world all at once, becoming a brilliant podcaster included. This has proved . . . difficult. ”

Edwin Den Ouden –
” I’m Edwin. I illustrate and paint portraits. In a former life I was an art-director. Currently I’m married to Calliope den Ouden and try to manage the amount of cats around my person to create a semblance of balance, while I read books and listen to the Rolling Stones with alarming regularity. ”

Steve Toase –
“Steve Toase is an author, archaeologist and journalist living in North Yorkshire and occasionally Munich, Germany. As an author he writes mythic fiction, weaving elements from folklore and legend into a contemporary setting.”

Miki Marsala –
” Scientist, problem-solver, logic-lover, multifaceted sex-machina, noise-making flesh sack, making shit up, blah, blah. ”

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What is Built From Human Parts?

BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS strives to be a storytelling anthology that explores the modern world – both its nightmares and its heroes – by way of examining what advancements in technology and culture have allowed us to uncover about ourselves and the world we live in while also wondering about the mysteries that have somehow managed to remain unsolved despite our advancements. These are true stories waiting to occur.

Each issue will collect a handful-ish of comic and prose stories from a pretty diverse group of creators from, literally, around the world. They were not given any genre or tone or content restrictions aside from they had to tell stories that felt as if they had some grounding in our modern or near-modern reality.

Built From Human Parts will be a magazine sized black and white anthology.

Who puts together the anthology?

Currently, the anthology is put together solely by Cameron Callahan with the help of rotating contributors each issue.

Who is contributing to the first issue?

We are still at too early of a stage for a definite contributor list. It’s quite exciting, however, and in a month or so I should have a more finalized group of creative misfits to brag to you about.

The current story grouping looks to be 3 – 4 comics and 2 – 3 prose stories, though, from people all over America and even  a few that are super, super far away from America.

 How often will you put out this anthology?

Built From Human Parts will aim for a yearly release schedule. The performance of the initial issue can move this goal forward or back. My dream would be 2 – 3  issues a year and while I certainly know enough talented people willing to put themself through the horrors of working with me, you know the drill, they gotta eat and I gotta help em eat. I will put em out as fast as I can afford em.

Is that all?

Oh, of course not! I’ve also got the help of a very talented friend skilled in a number of technical fields that is willing and eager to assist me in the second component of what will eventually be BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS: Dramatic readings of some of the prose stories.

There is almost nothing concrete to share about this aspect of the project other than it is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and am in a position to tackle it on a small scale. We’ll put one or two short, simple things together and see how it goes and how we can improve.

Okay then… is that all?

Ummm, I think so, yeah! You can expect this project out sometime in the second half of 2017. I am very eager to start sharing with you who exactly I’ve got on board and letting you all in on the very dirty, disgusting creative process – triumphs and pitfalls alike – as we go through with bringing this book to life.

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Animal Cracker Manifesto | 2017

2016 only had a few creative triumphs for me, however, they were all fairly large triumphs in size and scope. My intent is to have a few more of the same magnitude next year along with a number of much smaller releases. Some of these will be solo ventures featuring only me while others will have many contributors helping me to create something truly amazing.

A couple of them will fancy paperbacks or magazines. A whole bunch of them will be hand copied mini-comics or zines. A lot of them will eventually have free, simplified web versions released at some point along with the print components.

Over the few years I’ve been making comics I have figured out the sort of stories I want to tell and the ways I am able to go about telling them. Some of the projects for next year will give me a place to explore the sort of things I have been with Scrambled Circuits and other comics. Some of the projects will allow me to do new types of comics and experiment a lot.

Some upcoming projects are explicitly designed to let me work with other talented people who are passionate about different types of stories.

Here I will touch upon the more definite projects in various stages of production. Afterwards will be a more complete list of goals – that I may or may not be able to hit – with a good deal less information about them until they move along a bit further.

Animal Cracker Monthly Funnies

Each month in 2017 (and beyond?) will see a new 8-12ish page minicomic featuring comics and sketches from me and others. The main intent of this is to create with less emphasis on stressing over perfection. It took me two years to complete the fourth print issue of Scrambled Circuits. These mini-comics will feature new Scrambled Circuits on occasion, but will largely be filled with new, short comics by me and others – Unfiltered, unrehearsed, and probably at least a little unsafe for kids. Print versions will mostly only be available through the Monthly Funnies Club here at with free web versions put up much later.

Built From Human Parts

I grew up watching anthology tv shows and for years have been trying to position things so that I can take that love and turn it into something of my own. Built From Human Parts will be a prose and comic anthology hopefully out in the second half of 2017. It will feature stories from around a dozen very talented writers and artists that I cannot wait to tell you more about as we get further along.

As if that wasn’t a big enough undertaking, this anthology collection (and future collections) will be arriving along with a few dramatic audio readings of some of the prose stories included in the book (and maybe some not in the book!).

Because I grew up as a kid watching various anthology television shows and am now growing up as an adult listening to a whole bunch of old time radio.

Scrambled Circuits

2016 saw the release of Crude Beginnings, the paperback collection of the first three print issues of Scrambled Circuits. While a second paperback book – featuring the fourth print issue and a whole bunch of pages of brand new comics – is in the works that won’t be coming in 2017. What will be coming, however, is two planned mini-comics featuring the naive and lovable robot Primus. One will be a retrospective comic highlighting moments from the span of his entire robot life and the other will feature a few short christmas themed stories.