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Teaser Rough Layouts – Afterimage

Steve Ormosi (w) and Edwin Den Ouden (a) are moving ahead towards starting on their final artwork for their comic, Afterimage. In honor of this I present to you a few pages of the rough layouts with no context… The rest of this post can be read on Patreon.

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Tiny sneak peek: Paintings are Scraped – Steve Toase

Above, man made clouds by Dutch artists Berndnaut Smilde. ┬áNimbus Atlas, 2015. Tonight I sent some stuff to who will hopefully be the voice actress reading at least one of the prose stories. I realized it was the first time I had shared any of the stories with someone not directly involved with the book portion of this project. Here […]

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Back in 2012, not too long after I relocated to Burbank, Ca (For the second time), I had this made. I had a couple of them made, actually, just as a test for a few different print-on-demand sites for t-shirts. The rest of this post is available over at Patreon.

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