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Animal Cracker Manifesto | 2017

2016 only had a few creative triumphs for me, however, they were all fairly large triumphs in size and scope. My intent is to have a few more of the same magnitude next year along with a number of much smaller releases. Some of these will be solo ventures featuring only me while others will have many contributors helping me to create something truly amazing.

A couple of them will fancy paperbacks or magazines. A whole bunch of them will be hand copied mini-comics or zines. A lot of them will eventually have free, simplified web versions released at some point along with the print components.

Over the few years I’ve been making comics I have figured out the sort of stories I want to tell and the ways I am able to go about telling them. Some of the projects for next year will give me a place to explore the sort of things I have been with Scrambled Circuits and other comics. Some of the projects will allow me to do new types of comics and experiment a lot.

Some upcoming projects are explicitly designed to let me work with other talented people who are passionate about different types of stories.

Here I will touch upon the more definite projects in various stages of production. Afterwards will be a more complete list of goals – that I may or may not be able to hit – with a good deal less information about them until they move along a bit further.

Animal Cracker Monthly Funnies

Each month in 2017 (and beyond?) will see a new 8-12ish page minicomic featuring comics and sketches from me and others. The main intent of this is to create with less emphasis on stressing over perfection. It took me two years to complete the fourth print issue of Scrambled Circuits. These mini-comics will feature new Scrambled Circuits on occasion, but will largely be filled with new, short comics by me and others – Unfiltered, unrehearsed, and probably at least a little unsafe for kids. Print versions will mostly only be available through the Monthly Funnies Club here at with free web versions put up much later.

Built From Human Parts

I grew up watching anthology tv shows and for years have been trying to position things so that I can take that love and turn it into something of my own. Built From Human Parts will be a prose and comic anthology hopefully out in the second half of 2017. It will feature stories from around a dozen very talented writers and artists that I cannot wait to tell you more about as we get further along.

As if that wasn’t a big enough undertaking, this anthology collection (and future collections) will be arriving along with a few dramatic audio readings of some of the prose stories included in the book (and maybe some not in the book!).

Because I grew up as a kid watching various anthology television shows and am now growing up as an adult listening to a whole bunch of old time radio.

Scrambled Circuits

2016 saw the release of Crude Beginnings, the paperback collection of the first three print issues of Scrambled Circuits. While a second paperback book – featuring the fourth print issue and a whole bunch of pages of brand new comics – is in the works that won’t be coming in 2017. What will be coming, however, is two planned mini-comics featuring the naive and lovable robot Primus. One will be a retrospective comic highlighting moments from the span of his entire robot life and the other will feature a few short christmas themed stories.